New!! LED H4 BULB / RIZING : Made in Japan

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For All Harley Davidson, for all Motorcycles, and for all cars!!

Highest Quality : Made in Japan!!

If an H4 bulb is used for the head light bulb of your HARLEY-DAVIDSON, your Motorcycle, and your car, you can install this LED H4 bulb immediately. This is because an H4 bulb is a universal bulb. It only takes 10 minutes to install this. You can get this most advanced, gorgeously white brightness fairly easily. A manufacturer called SPHERE LIGHT in Japan designs, produces, and manages this next-generation LED H4 bulb / RIZING. We’re sure you can instantly understand that this means that it has the best quality in the world. We repeat this again. This is the latest, world's highest quality LED H4 bulb that is made in Japan.

Easy install

To mount, you basically just change the bulb. There is no need for troublesome wiring work. Simply plug the three-way socket from the bulb into the coupler on the motorcycle and installation is complete.
You can have next-generation brightness in just 10 minutes!!

■ Hi / Lo beam
■ Power consumption : 20W
■ The life of this LED H4 bulb / RIZING is 30,000 hours
■ Color : 5500K
■ 2,700lm
■ 25,500cd (Hi beam)
■ 26,600cd (Lo beam)
■ This item is sold individually.

■ It may be necessary to partially modify the way the spring used for fitting the bulb is bent.
■ Custom Motorcycles or other motorcycles or cars where the headlight wiring has been changed from original specifications will require additional individual wiring work.
■ SPHERE LIGHT's LED H4 bulb / RIZING meets all requirements for heat dissipation, water resistance, and earthquake resistance.

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The LED bulb manufactured by SPHERE LIGHT meets Japan's strict vehicle inspection standards. This is proof that the LED bulb is of top quality and is rated highly for performance and durability.

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