Armor Plate for V-ROD

¥62,000 ¥~¥

This is a completely handmade Armor Plate for V-ROD genuine swing arm. Because of the huge amount of time required for its production, we have only been able to offer it to a very limited number of customers until now. However, with the increase in our production staff and the introduction of new machine tools, we are now able to offer our products to a wider range of customers.

The excellent design, which is a combination of stainless steel mesh and drilled holes, is a complete original of BADLAND.

While changing the atmosphere of the V-ROD genuine swinging arm area, which has a strong impression of being diluted, the Armor Plate blends in with the image of V-ROD without any sense of incongruity and fulfills harmony. The custom look and appearance is based on a simple idea…. If you can find the inevitability in it, the custom is genuine.

[ Materials ]
◯ Stainless Steel : SUS304

[ Finished ]
◯ Polished
◯ Glossy Black
◯ Mat Black
  Armor Plate01
¥ 62,000
  Armor Plate02
Glossy Black
¥ 62,000
  Armor Plate03
Mat Black
¥ 62,000