Horitoshi The First Photo Album

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Horitoshi The First Photo Album / Worldwide : Limited to 500 copies only!

This time, I will produce and release a photo album of Horitoshi The First. I, the writer and photographer: Keiichi Kuwai first knocked on the door of Horitoshi The First in 1995, and has been indebted to Horitoshi The First for nearly 30 years since then. I've always had a good relationship with him, so I've been allowed to bring my camera to Horitoshi The First's workplace and take many photos. Horitoshi The First's long years of friendly rivalry, relentless efforts, and the courage to remain interested in everything and always wanting to improve are the true form of modern tattooing, which is truly an art. I would like you to take a look at the amazing works of Horitoshi The First.

〇Cover / Back cover : High quality acrylic plate
〇Uses artificial paper (highly durable material for photographs)
〇Size : 315mm x 313mm x 34mm
〇Number of pages : 100
〇Photos used : 170
〇We ship via EMS for international customers.
〇Please allow approximately one month for delivery of this album, as it is completely handmade in Japan at a specialized production facility. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.