BL STYLER : Headlight TYPE-01 / Polish

¥118,000 ¥~¥




BL STYLER headlight / TYPE-01

The BL STYLER headlight / TYPE-01 is a headlight crafted from an aluminum billet with the ultimate in design technology. Were this part produced in Japan using 3D data and machining, its price would be nearly $2,800, which prevented us from ever producing it en masse. However, thanks to our partnership with TMD, we are now able to sell this part at a realistic price without compromising at all on its design or precision. This inaugural First Product : BL STYLER headlight / TYPE-01 is a true feather in the cap of our new brand BL-STYLER. With many custom styles to choose from, we promise a stylish and novel front-end for your ride.


◯ 3D Alum Billet
◯ Projector Lamp
◯ LED H4 bulb / Sphere Light (Made in JAPAN)
◯ Polished

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