BL STYLER Girder Fork

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BL STYLER is the name of the new parts brand created by the business partnership between BAD LAND and TMD Motorcycle Custom Studio ( Korea ). The unique design sense of BAD LAND and the cutting edge machining techniques of TMD Motorcycle Custom Studio are brought to life. Based on a new set of values, we go the extra mile for high quality, high precision, and low price . We will be releasing many new High-End custom parts in the future.


This product was created based on detailed design and strength analyses using cutting edge 3D CAD, and by leveraging the abilities and speed of the CNC Machine, which can manufacture precision parts used in the aerospace and automobile industries. This THE BRAND : BL STYLER Original Girder Fork was finally realized thanks to a passion for the utilization of cutting edge technology in the production of precision parts; and the operators of TMD, who showed devoted initiative day and night.

The structure of this Girder Fork contains many operating parts, and all negative elements were eliminated by a thorough process of high-precision design and modeling of the configuration of all parts. Furthermore, through the combination with the distinctive spring rate of the shock absorber made by OHLINS, a front suspension with astounding flexibility and supple movement has been born. Also, a total weight of merely 15.5kg was achieved by the grace of an All aluminum billet material.


The basic length of the fork is based on the length of the TwinCam Softail / EVO Softail and V-ROD equipped with a 21″ wheel.

◯ Total weight: 15.5kg
◯ Neck Angle : 0 degree
◯ Body part : made from All aluminum billet
◯ All shaft parts: made from Stainless Steel
◯ Trail design : +65mm / measured for each model as the OEM frame and when equipped with wheel of the same size as the genuine product.

How to Order / Compatibility Details

The BL STYLER Girder Fork is basically made on demand. There are a number of items we need to confirm, such as the Model / Year, the size and maker of the front wheel that the fork is to be installed on, your preferences for the final finishing, and the kind of headlight or handlebar that will be equipped. Please do not hesitate to make an inquiry with us.

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◯ We also produce for the Harley : All Year / All Model and V-ROD.
◯ Total Fork length: compatible with standard size ~ long size.
◯ Compatible with all kinds of brake caliper regardless of the original maker / caliper pitch is the same size as TwinCam.
◯ The shock absorber has been specially designed and made by OHLINS.
◯ We will attach a complete set of all necessary parts, such as Headlight Bracket / Axle Shaft, etc.
◯ Finished : default finish is a Black Powder Coated Finished.
◯ For the all Chrome Finished , an additional fee of 90,000 JPY will be charged.
◯ In principle, processing of the Front Wheel Hub will be necessary.
◯ We also separately manufacture Front Fender.

[ Note ] : Because of the Hub design of Wheel made by PM, the BL STYLER Girder Fork cannot be equipped on this model.