BL Silver Coat / Trial Kit

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BL Silver Coat RT / Trial Kit

BL Silver Coat was developed by blending different techniques from a conventional silver mirror coating while the substrate surface derives from a ”mirror-finishing via silver” silver chrome tone-painting system of our completely new process, cutting down application time without sacrificing quality. Originating from state-of-the-art nanotechnology which guided the development, we succeeded in coagulating the silver nanoparticles at low temperatures. Compared to silver film from a conventional silver mirror reaction, we created a high-brightness and stable silver film. In addition, BL Silver Coat is able to be applied with normal painting equipment ? a compressor and spray gun. Thus you don’t need specialised and dedicated equipment normally required for conventional silver mirror coating, like twin-nozzled spray guns, etc. The application process has been greatly simplified. We have developed a very proficient, excellent silver chrome-tone paint processing technique which both saves time and money while increasing quality for excellent cost/performance.

Note : Paint in general is treated as hazardous goods, so for shipping charges, we must make individual estimates by airline according to country and region.

◯ BL Silver Coat RT / Trial Kit

About the price

The price includes the BL Silver Coat RT base price, the special packing fee for the handling of hazardous materials as stipulated by the Civil Aeronautics Act, the special air freight rate for transporting hazardous materials by air, and all insurance fees. Term : CIF / Further, the shipping charge is to the airport nearest to the area where you live. After the shipment arrives, any local customs fees as well as any fees for delivery from the airport to the specified destination address are your responsibility.

Unique Characteristics

In BL Silver Coat RT, the “silver” is composed of state-of-the-art nanotechnology using nano-particles (1 nanometer = 0.000000001 meters), which allow you to form a silver film of extremely fine silver particles and special paint. As a result, the painted surface becomes mirror-finished in a state closely resembling an actual “mirror”. This is the most advanced special paint system without requiring conventional plating bath resulting in the the quality and look of plating but the ease of painting.

Painting Equipment

◯ Normal painting equipment: you can spray paint using a normal compressor and spray gun.
◯ You don’t need private, specialized facilities or equipment such as a twin nozzle spray gun.

Recommended Spray Gun

[ Application of Silver ] :
We recommend an air brush or using a low-pressure gun.
◯ When painting a small area while using an air brush: use caliber 0.2~0.6mm
◯ When painting a larger area with a low-pressure gun: use caliber 0.8~1.4mm

[ For applying the primer and clear topcoat ] :
we recommend the use of a spray gun.
◯ Spray gun : use caliber 0.8~1.4mm

Three-step Painting Process

◯ Painting process is just three steps
1. Base Primer
2. Silver
3. Clear Topcoat

Applicable Target Substrates

◯ The following are substrate / bases : Resin / Plastic material / Most metals.
◯ Drying time is 30 minutes at 80 ℃~120℃ when using a dryer. Room temperature drying is also possible.

Low Cost

◯ Compared to conventional plating and silver mirror plating, the work process has been greatly simplified and streamlined.
◯ Manufacturer-recommended silver is only 0.2μm, resulting in excellent cost-performance.

Possible Application Area Size

◯ When using a spray gun : About 15g of silver ( 0% dilution rate ) at 100% is needed to cover about 1 square meter.
◯ When using a spray gun : About 40g of silver ( 200% dilution rate ) at 30% is needed to cover about 1 square meter.

Variety of Colors

◯ Clear Topcoat : we use urethane-based solvent, which can be tone-adjusted.
◯ A variety of color variations, silver foil tone finishes, and metallic tones are possible.
◯ Increase value by adding luxury textures to the surface.

Storage and Drying Conditions / Expiration date

◯ Storage location : Do not store in a direct sunlight or in a high temperature.
◯ Expiration date : Three months at the longest. After opening it, one should keep it in a cool, dark place and use it up as soon as possible.

BL Silver Coat RT Application Technique

◯ For more information, such as construction methods, please visit the following link.

◯ BL Silver Coat RT